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There were two items on "Annie" Barlow's agenda each time she moved residences: Paint her kitchen a cheerful apple green, then ask the eldest child to tend the siblings while Annie explored the nearest fishing hole. Annie and her husband, Charles actually moved often since he was a railroad engineer. Eight children were the result of a marriage that lasted 40 years.

After Charles died during the Great Depression, Annie perfected her skills as a seamstress, and through the years she fashioned everything from hospital linens to wedding and ball gowns. She passed on her love of sewing and quilting to her granddaughters, often sending them surprise boxes filled with scraps of satin and velvet.

Since Charles had worked more than thirty years for the Pennsylvania Railroad, upon his death Annie received a rail pass entitling her to travel extensively. She traveled alone (with cash pinned to her bra) and visited friends and relatives across the country. Annie was passionate about helping others. This included being actively involved in several women's organizations (Women of the Moose Fraternity) who provided a helping hand to those in need. Annie no doubt participated in the women's suffrage movement during her railroad adventures.


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September 21, 2021 — Jennifer Jarvis

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