Bamboo Long Sleeve Loose Fit Top in Black

$50.00 $63.00

Relaxed fit complementing any figure. Drapes beautifully and give comfort all day long – wether in bed or lounging at home. Perfect combination with any bottoms – wide leg classic cut or jogger style pant or shorts.

The Aspen Dream Bamboo Line is made from the best fabric nature has to offer. Does not wrinkle, easy to wash, and has antibacterial and hypoallergenic features! These super soft and breathable pajamas are perfect for warm climates and hot sleepers. 

Bamboo is Mother Earth’s friendliest fabric, as it does not require massive amounts of water for irrigation. Our bamboo is also organically grown with no pesticides or fertilizer! The perfect choice for a luxurious night’s sleep in a fabric you can feel good about owning.