Lulie Circle Yellow Bag

$68.00 $155.00

The Lulie Circle Belt Bag is made in bright yellow leather with a blue star to match with your favorite outfits. It is designed with an adjustable strap and can also be worn as a shoulder bag. A zipper closure secures a small wallet, phone, and other pint-sized essentials.  Featuring a gold-tone ring chain strap with matching silk ribbon.

Diameter: 10 in. Depth: 2.5 in. Interior pocket. Made in El Salvador with high quality leather.

About Lulie Larin: A multicolored world has arisen - from his creative mind and passion for cooking, fashion and decoration, and with help from his mother Mirna, sister Monica and his partner Dave. The brand is rooted in his latin and Salvadoran heritage, and it has been embraced by California’s most demanding tastes. Being an adventurer and a goal-driven man, Orlando enters the world of fashion remembering his beginnings and determined to uphold his homeland’s name.