Exclusive Barlow & Browning Candles


Enjoy these amazing yet subtle fragrances from our custom candle line.  They're named after classic southern china patterns and offer a touch of elegance to any space.  Great as a gift or to pamper yourself.  Enjoy this as a calming retreat in a hectic world.

13.8 ounce, single wick candle in two tone glass. 

Pink - "Delamere" - has a hint of magnolia blossom.

Green - "Bouquet" - has a hint of the ylang ylang flower.

Red - "Florentine" - has a hint of rum.  

Blue - "Royal Copenhagen" - has a hint of woods and petals. 

*Please note that since your candle will come with a wax seal, please remove once the candle has burned half way. (Heat plus wax seal might cause melting.)