Bracelet Multi-shells with Natural Cowries & a Greek Eye


The shell bracelet is made up of several natural cowrie shells & one greek eye , and an adjustable polyester cord. You can adjust its size with a sliding clasp.

Hand assembled in France, in the workshop of designer Soline Camart.

About Soline Camart: Wearing her Birkenstocks (even during winter) Soline has, without knowing it, this French je ne sais quoi.

It was in 2018 that Soline launched her eponymous jewelry brand. She started with a collection of cowrie shells - a secret homage to her mother - and it was a success. Soline Camart is expanding by rethinking our beloved childhood embroidered labels into endeared jewelry. Everything is handmade in her Parisian atelier. Soline creates connections, passing along a message.