Message Bracelet : Super Mommy


A message bracelet, a souvenir for your loved ones, some attention, a little simpleĀ pleasure. Once tied with a simple knot on the wrist of those you love, it will never leave them. These creations are made and assembled with love in France, in a Parisian workshop šŸ‡«šŸ‡·.

The tape is 100% polyester and water resistant. Each bracelet is about 30cm, they are all adjustable by cutting the ribbon (remember to burn the end slightly so that it remains intact over time).Ā 

About Soline Camart: Wearing her Birkenstocks (even during winter) Soline has, without knowing it, this French je ne sais quoi.

It was in 2018 that Soline launched her eponymous jewelry brand. She started with a collection of cowrie shells - a secret homage to her mother - and it was a success. Soline Camart is expanding by rethinking our beloved childhood embroidered labels into endeared jewelry. Everything is handmade in her Parisian atelier. Soline creates connections, passing along a message.