Iconic Antique Jewelry Dish


We have 3 spectacular, mint condition, extremely cool and rare advertisement ashtrays from 1950s-60s Los Angeles area. All measure 4 1/2" diameter with gold rims. No chips, no nicotine marks. Any of these would make a great addition to a bedside table or given in combination with a piece of jewelry for a friend.  

How fun to have a story to tell with your new keepsake! We can just see Virginia having a cocktail with her friends while waiting for a celebrity to make their appearance at one of these hot spots. 

Take a look and see which restaurant is your fave. 

1. Little Joe's- gold rim, gold image perfect condition
Little Joe's was a historic Italian restaurant which once stood in the Chinatown district of Los Angeles, CaliforniaUSA at the corner of Broadway and College Street. John Gadeschi & his friend, Joe Vivalda moved the grocery store to North Broadway in 1927. When Union Station began construction, the Italian immigrants building it began coming by the grocery store for lunch and John started making them sandwiches. The rough-hewn nature of the Italian laborers started keeping the ladies away from their shopping, prompting John and Joe to open an adjacent restaurant so that the men could go about their lunch breaks while the women could do their shopping undisturbed.

2. Matteo's: They've been catering to celebrities for almost 40 years at this old-style, Southern Italian restaurant. When Frank Sinatra wanted a taste of Hoboken, he came to Matteo's in Westwood. In fact, they kept a corner booth here (station 8) permanently reserved for Sinatra, who was in the house on most Sundays. Two U.S. Presidents, Ronald Reagan & Gerald Ford have dined here.

3.Villa Nova- Newport Beach (has its "made in japan" paper tag on bottom) Woman owned and run by Mrs. Charlotte Dale who left a legacy of wonderful memories for many.
“What I always appreciated about my mother was her courage, strength and ability to prove to those around her that she could indeed run the Villa Nova successfully after my Dad died in 1971,” said son Jim Dale. “Believe me, there just weren’t many female fine dining restaurant owners in that era, and she proved all of the naysayers wrong.”

All 3 iconic restaurants (only Matteo's in Hollywood remains open) evoke that bygone era, of men in hats, red lipstick and all the film noir atmosphere you could muster. Perfect for Retro Lovers everywhere. Use as ring dish, trinket tray, etc. Makes a great gift---with a piece of jewelry.