VINTAGE PAINTING "In the Village" 1990s, Ukrainian artist K. Yakubek

Vintage from the 1990s
Materials: oil, cardboard

Height: 23 centimeters
Width: 34 centimeters

Oil painting, socialist realism, landscape, rural landscape, In the village, oil on cardboard, 1990s, Ukrainian artist K. Yakubek

CONDITION: Good condition, as is on the photo. Feel free to ask me additional question about item condition and send additional photos. Painting is unframed.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Yakubek Karel Mikhailovich (1923-2008) - Honors artist of Ukraine, painter. Having been born in metro Uzhgorod, Transcarpathian region Having graduated from the art school of Baia Mare, Rumuniya (1943-1944) and the Uzhgorod art and industrial school (1945-1946). Member of the National Union of Artists (1964). Taking the fate of the republican, regional and international art exhibitions (since 1968). The number of personal exhibitions, shows: Moscow (1969), Lublin (1999), Lutsk (1999). K. Yakubek was awarded the rank of Honored Artist of Ukraine. Winner of the Volinsky Regional Mystic Prize J. Kondzelevich (2004). Create an artist zbirigayutsya in museums and private collections of Ukraine, Russia, USA, Canada, Nimechchini, Poland, Ugorschiny.